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We guide families through the college search and application process, 

and help students gain admission to schools at which they will thrive.

Did you know?  The admissions process has changed dramatically since most of today's parents applied to college. It is more confusing and complicated than it used to be, and more students are applying to more schools.  This makes the selection process seem increasingly arbitrary, especially for the "heartbreak" schools - those that accept fewer than 35% of their applicants.  

As a parent, you cannot be expected to have the necessary expertise to help your children with what the Washington Post calls “the competitive and stressful experience of angling to get into elite colleges” (7/13/15). If you are like many busy professionals, you do not have time to master everything you need to know (it takes years). Teenagers are busy, too, and have never applied to college before. Everyone in the family needs help and support during this trying but critically important time.

My professional experience leading the admissions office at an Ivy League university, and decades of admissions consulting to schools and applicants (including my own children, my toughest clients yet!), have given me the insider information, organizational strategy, and perspective families need as they embark on this journey. 

Did you know nearly half (47%) of high school students today have straight A's?  Fortunately, I know why some students - even those without straight A's - get admitted to their top choice schools while their comparable peers are rejected.  And I know how important “fit” is to a young person’s educational and career success. Read more about me here: About Dr. Felix

What do you really want for your children? If you are like most parents, you want them to be happy and successful during and after college, and you want them to be able to support themselves as adults. When a child is admitted to the right school, s/he is more likely to be content and productive there, and to enter adulthood with confidence, relevant skills, and a clear sense of purpose.

By contrast, if a child applies to schools that are a poor fit, or is rejected from better-fit schools, much can be lost. I have seen students in this situation lose confidence, become desperately unhappy (even clinically depressed), and transfer to another school. An astounding 50% of college students do not graduate from the school at which they start as freshmen. Transferring, or changing majors, can necessitate a fifth year of study, which costs time, money, and emotional energy. It is so much better to "get it right the first time" to the extent possible.

My goal is to help families navigate this confusing and challenging process with the greatest of ease and the best possible outcomes. You know your child better than anyone, and I know admissions.  Working together, we can accomplish the best results.  

It is never too early to start this process. My services begin when you sign a contract and end three months after your child graduates from high school.  Let's make sure your child has a joyful, productive college experience and a bright future!  



FREE Consultation

For a FREE 10-minute Phone, Zoom, or Skype Consultation, click here: Contact

Then, choose an option below:

Individual Assessment ($550)

This is a first-step, 90-minute individual assessment with the applicant and parents, in person or electronically (Skype/Tango/Zoom, etc.).  You will walk away from this get-acquainted meeting with a better understanding of your admission profile and the admissions process, and concrete, customized suggestions to get you started on your college application journey.  This includes:

  • Online assessments to ascertain the applicant's interests and strengths
  • Short interview with applicant and parents to identify their goals and to address any concerns about admission
  • Assessment of transcripts, standardized testing results, extracurricular experiences and applicant’s strengths and talents
  • Evaluation of applicant’s admission profile and suggestions on what to do to enhance it
  • General information about the admission and financial aid landscape, process, and trends tailored to your situation

To request and pay for an Individual Assessment, click HERE


After that?

You decide which level of additional consultation is best for you – 

1. Comprehensive Package (most popular and highly recommended)

The Comprehensive Package is best for applicants who want to leave no stone unturned in this process, and for those applying to "heartbreak" schools (those that accept fewer than 35% of their applicants).  Included are an Individual Assessment, College List, Essay Assistance, and so much more: Comprehensive package

2. College List

The College List provides you with a carefully constructed, customized list of best-fit colleges to consider based on information gathered during the Individual Assessment and subsequent in-depth interviews with the family.  There is a fixed fee for this service.

3. Essay Review

Essay Review is done on a time available basis.  There is an hourly rate for this service with a four-hour retainer paid upfront. 


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