Comprehensive Package

Our comprehensive package of services covers everything you will need to conquer the college selection and admission process with joy and pride.


In-depth interview and consultation with applicant

Extensive interview and consultation with parent(s)

Deeper insights into the college admission and financial aid processes with respect to your case

Assessment of coursework and suggestions for future course selection

Personality, college major, and career inventories administered

Exploration of academic and extracurricular interests and possible majors and careers

Discussion of college types and applicant preferences

Standardized testing recommendations and timeline (which test(s) to take and when)

Suggestions based on a review of extracurricular and summer activities

Development of an activities resume

Customized list of recommended best-fit colleges and universities for the applicant to consider

On- and off-line organizational tools for tracking information and applications

Essay brainstorming, coaching, and review for four applications

Interviewing advice and preparation, including a mock interview

Advice on maximizing the value of college visits

Guidance to parents on how to support the application process

Guidance on how to choose the right colleges to apply to

Guidance and support throughout the entire application process

OUR UNIQUE, SIGNATURE FEATURE-  The closest thing to an actual admissions committee review:

FOUR FORMER ADMISSIONS OFFICERS will provide feedback and suggestions on your application

Financial aid advice – how to pay for college, hidden costs, how to apply for need-based aid and merit-based scholarships

Analysis of financial aid offers and help with financial aid appeals

Advice on how to be admitted after being deferred or waitlisted (this happens frequently)

Guidance on how to make a final school choice

Transition to college or gap-year advice

One-on-one attention – in person or by phone, Skype, Tango, Zoom, etc.

Unlimited communication by email and text

Priority access to Dr. Felix’s personal cell phone number

Having known and worked with Debra Felix, I can state with assurance that her substantive knowledge of educational options, her gift in counseling students and parents, and her ethical professionalism are what allow her to serve her clients so well.

- Longtime admissions officer at all levels (K-12, undergraduate and graduate)

Email: Felix Educational Consulting

Phone or Text: (240) 305-4578

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