Basic Services

  • Evaluating a student’s academic, extracurricular and personal strengths, possible majors and career goals
  • Recommending appropriate classes, extracurricular activities, and internships
  • Planning when to take appropriate standardized tests
  • Recommending qualified tutoring or test preparation services
  • Developing a customized list of “best-fit” schools taking into account academic and pre-professional goals, financial considerations, and extracurricular passions
  • Developing an effective and efficient application strategy
  • Assisting with planning productive and informative school visits and interviews
  • Choosing the best recommenders
  • Brainstorming essay topics and guiding essay development
  • Offering advice on applying for financial aid.

Having known and worked with Debra Felix, I can state with assurance that her substantive knowledge of educational options, her gift in counseling students and parents, and her ethical professionalism are what allow her to serve her clients so well.

- Longtime admissions officer at all levels (K-12, undergraduate and graduate)

Email: Felix Educational Consulting

Phone or Text: (240) 305-4578

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