MBA Admissions Consulting Services

Individual Assessment

This is a 90-minute consultation with you, in person or by Skype.

You will walk away from this get-acquainted meeting with a better understanding of your options, your admission profile, and the admissions process, with some concrete suggestions to get you started on your admissions journey. We will:

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  • Review your transcripts, standardized test scores, work experience, extracurricular experiences, and talents
  • Discuss your goals, interests, and concerns about admission
  • Suggest ways to enhance your profile
  • Provide general information about the MBA admission and financial aid landscape

After that? You decide which level of consultation you need:

Comprehensive Package

This is the recommended, best-value package. Taking all the steps listed below is the most efficient way to tackle the admissions process and will result in the best outcomes for you. More…

Group Sessions

For those who want to know more about MBA program options, the admission process, standardized testing, how applications are reviewed, how financial aid is awarded, and what students can do to distinguish themselves in the process.

  • You organize a group and I run an information-rich two hour meeting
"[My son] just wrote to tell me that you are a "brilliant genius" and I am laughing at the redundancy!"

Email: Felix Educational Consulting

Phone or Text: (240) 305-4578

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