About Felix Educational Consulting

Felix Educational Consulting was started in response to Debra Felix’s experience as Director of Admissions at Columbia University and three decades as an Admissions Consultant to many excellent schools and individuals. 

As the goal of admissions offices changed from selecting the right students to amassing the largest number of applications, Debra realized that busy applicants and families needed help wading through the quagmire of marketing materials and rankings in order to focus their limited time and resources on the schools most likely to provide their children with the best experiences and opportunities.  Families also need help getting inside the minds of the admissions committee to understand what AOs (Admissions Officers) are really looking for when they review an application.  Finally, teens need help putting together the most effective application possible so they are admitted to the best schools for them.

Debra A. Felix, Ph.D.

  • Swarthmore College (BA)
  • Columbia University (MBA and M.Ed.) - Turned down Harvard for a Full Scholarship to Columbia
  • University of Maryland (Ph.D.) - Full Scholarship and 4.0 GPA
  • Former Director of Admissions at Columbia University
  • Admissions Consultant to 17 elite colleges and universities worldwide
  • Quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, and Washington Post; heard on FNN and CNN
  • Author of Why Would Anyone Start a School?: The Experiences of School Founders
  • Has helped hundreds of applicants gain acceptance to the right schools
  • No one in the admissions field has a stronger combination of education and admissions experience!
  • Click to see Dr. Felix's resume ----> Resume

In my work as Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at the Westtown School and the Baldwin School, I have spent decades engaging with educational consultants from across the country. I have known Debra Felix for 29 years, and can say that her skills, experience, and commitment are on par with the very best consultants with whom I have worked.

-Former Director of Admissions at the Westtown and Baldwin Schools (PA)

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Phone or Text: (240) 305-4578

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