Photo by Nazareth CollegeMy professional experience in admissions at an Ivy League university, decades of admissions consulting to individual applicants and institutions, and my personal experience working with my own children (my toughest clients yet!) have given me the insider information, organizational strategy, and perspective needed as you embark upon this journey. 

I know why some students get into their top choice school while comparable applicants are rejected. And I know how important “fit” is to a student's academic experience.

If you or your child attends a school that is a poor fit, or gets rejected from schools that are a better fit, much can be lost. I have seen students lose confidence, become desperately unhappy (even clinically depressed), and transfer to another school. Transferring to another school, or switching programs partway through, can necessitate additional years of study, time and money. 

My goal is to help you navigate the admissions process with the greatest of ease and the best of outcomes. No one knows you or your child like you do, and no one knows more about admissions than I do. Working together, we can be formidable.

It’s never too early to start. Contact me now so we can work together to prepare you and yours for a joyful and fruitful educational experience and a bright future!

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Having known and worked with Debra Felix, I can state with assurance that her substantive knowledge of educational options, her gift in counseling students and parents, and her ethical professionalism are what allow her to serve her clients so well.

- Longtime admissions officer at all levels (K-12, undergraduate and graduate)

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